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Life Between Lives


Truly Life Changing”

Esther, thank you so much for the truly life changing session. Connecting to my soul in my Life Between Lives session with you was so powerful! I feel I know who I am more clearly, I feel safer in my body, and I now know more deeply why I'm here in this life.


In the days since our session, I've noticed so many great shifts in truly embodying more self-worth. All the insights about my purpose and my gifts during the session were just remarkably helpful.

I'm so grateful for your support in guiding this Life Between Lives session.


Noah E., USA


WHAT is my life purpose?

WHAT lessons am I here to learn?

WHO is my soul family or group?

WHY did I choose the body I have?

WHY did I choose my present family?

WHY do I experience certain challenges?

WHAT are my unique gifts?

WHY I am here?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, you now have a unique opportunity to explore the answers in a Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression session.

A Between Lives Spiritual Regression, also called Live Between Lives (LBL™) based on the pioneering research of Michael Newton, author of the best-selling books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, is an advanced method of spiritual regression and provides access to your soul memories while in a very deep hypnotic state.

Life Between Lives therapy is an amazing experience that allows you to explore the space between lives, before your current incarnation and access the planning stage of your present life.


While connected to your eternal self, you are able to learn about your soul growth and evolution including karmic patterns, while exploring the world between lives that is your true home.

During the session you may be communicating with your Spirit Guide and Wise Beings or Council of Elders and receive loving support and profound guidance on how to live your fullest potential in your current life.

You may be introduced to your Soul Group and understand your soul contracts and how you are facilitating each other’s journeys.

You may learn why you chose a particular body or certain health challenges and receive healing and gain insight in your mission or higher calling and the lessons you set out to learn around your family, professional endeavours and love relationships that may have spanned several lifetimes.

In this heightened state of perception and understanding you are able to break free from any victim role, or sense of being “stuck” or lost and feel empowered and inspired to align with your life purpose, while being supported... knowing you are not alone.

Many people say that the profound exploration and healing available during a LBL session is mind-blowing and life changing and the most impactful spiritual journey they've ever experienced.


A Life Between Lives session is conducted in a deep hypnotic trance during which you are in control at all times. It is a safe and relaxing process that enables you to connect to the multiple layers of your subconscious awareness and access your soul memories.

As part of a Life Between Life session, you need to have had a successful Past Life Regression preparation session first, which entails a deep hypnotic trance induction and a possible combination of Past Life Regression, Current Life Regression, and energy healing work.


This is an essential preparation to clear any unresolved energetic blockages and ensure the most profound possible experience and successful outcome for your LBL session.

An LBL lasts approximately 4 hours. This does not include the 4-hour Regression prep session, which has to be booked separately.

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