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Reiki Healing Therapy

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What is Reiki Healing Therapy?

Reiki is a powerful and beautiful energy-balancing therapy, profoundly effective for stress reduction, deep relaxation, inner peace, emotional and physical healing, and personal & spiritual growth. Reiki boosts and strengthens the energy field, opens and balances the chakras, and provides loving support and healing for anyone suffering from pain, injuries, anxiety, or other emotional challenges.

Reiki was re-discovered and developed as a popular and widespread holistic therapy in Japan early last century by Mikao Usui, a deeply spiritual, well-educated and highly respected man who was honored by the Meiji Emperor both for his dedication to the health and well-being of his fellow human beings and for his compassionate contribution to his country in working tirelessly to help survivors of the devastating Kanto earthquake.

Reiki is Japanese for “spiritually guided life force energy”. “Rei” translates as universal/spiritual and “Ki” as life force, the natural energy that composes the core of our essence and translates as a deep unconditional love that encompasses everything. Reiki is not affiliated with any religion or belief and can be practiced by everyone.


How does it work?

Reiki heals by knowing where there is an energetic imbalance in your subtle energy system. It flows to these areas, where it changes the vibration of the negative energy, ki – which in essence is a lack of positive energy. This is usually done by raising the vibration until the negative ki cannot hold on to the area it is attached to and is released. Other times, the negative ki may be reprogrammed by the Reiki energy and transformed into positive ki which restores and maintains health. When the body is weak, from an emotional crisis or an illness, Reiki can provide the body with a very nurturing supply of energy that supports the body, mind & spirit to start healing itself.  On a deeper level, Reiki can reprogram your subconscious mind allowing you to release any limiting or self-defeating thoughts and feelings empowering you to reconnect to your true essence, your full magnificence and inner-radiance.

As an extremely high vibrational loving universal energy Reiki cannot harm and will always work for the benefit of your greater good. Reiki is not learned but passed on in an initiation that exists out of several attunements from Reiki Master & Teacher to student. This is a profound and beautiful, meditative experience. The healing sessions themselves can range from feeling peaceful and relaxed and deeply loved while the Reiki heals on deeper energetic & somatic levels to having immediate miraculous healing results. Occasionally, amazing healings have come from students who have just taken their first class. This is one of the remarkable things about Reiki; it does not take a special ability, nor does it take years of practice. Anyone can “learn” it in a day and experience its wonderful healing effects immediately.

We will accompany you throughout your entire journey ...

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