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Adaman A., Australia

I highly recommend Georges’ ability, services, and friendship, to help lovingly guide your child and family back to a harmonious way of being.

Our Psychotherapy practice is a multidisciplinary approach that supports the deepening process of personal development. It improves body-mind integration which leads to significant, meaningful and sustainable transformation. It incorporates process teachings and tools from various clinical and spiritual disciplines: Jungian Psychology, Psychodynamic, Solution Focus,  as well as from other depth, developmental, transpersonal and body-oriented psychologies.


Psycho-Energetic processes address the inter-subjectivity between our lived experiences and our current state of consciousness.  Personal growth and transformation take place through an awakening process within the client, which is supported by a mutually interactive process between the practitioner and the client.


This working process is in direct contrast to simply studying and acquiring knowledge through information that is strictly theoretical, conceptual, or from more abstract sources.

We will accompany you throughout your entire journey ...

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